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Queer Poets Write About Nature

Queer Poets Write About Nature cover

Queer Poets Write About Nature is a beautiful chapbook of curated queer poets writing about their relationship with the natural world and how that impacts on them in a myriad of ways.

Queer Poets explores the queer experience of being drawn to nature but unable to live in rural areas due to loss of safety and community; the ritual sacredness of gender affirmation surgery; sensual tender queer love seen through the lens of plants, trees, and fruit; queerness and gender nonconformity as a natural force and more. All of these are lovingly published and paired with original artwork by queer artists.

Featuring poetry and art by Maria Elena Villablanca, Stacey Gruver, Jennifer Leider, Aida Manduley, Jess Lynch, Jeanne Devlin, Chris Coles, Khristopher Khrist, Emma Plover, Maximiliano Clipper, Nevadah-Jane Arlow, Dylan Ce and Chris Moody. Edited by Dylan Ce.

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Up the Witchpunx #4: Radical Hope

Up the Witchpunx Radical Hope cover

Emily Dickinson said that hope is the thing with feathers, but the creators of Up the Witchpunx have produced something far grittier and more substantial. Radical Hope is a zine born from punk, witchcraft and street-level activism; it has “claws and teeth.”

Radical Hope “looks like cop cars on fire, politicians resigning in disgrace, and sabotage of planetĀ­-killing industrial capitalism…” However, Radical Hope is also a cultural and spiritual change document, born from the Oly Witch Crew’s collective work in linking activism, occult and magickal work and a punk rock ethos.

Along the way, the writers and artists dispel notions of fluffy new-age sentimentality and do-no-harm politics. “Our magick bashes back. We believe that industrial capitalism, if unchallenged, means the death and defilement of the Goddess and all she represents. Thus hope is found in insurrection, and not in anything else.”

The angels and prophets of Radical Hope are queers, punks and suicide survivors who have clawed their way back from their personal abysses bearing dangerous gifts. Radical Hope is their manifesto.

Includes interviews with artist, dollmaker and healer Kook Teflon and illustrator and The Next World Tarot creator Cristy Road. Featuring work by Rust Belt Jessie, Dylan Ce, Myke Moon, Adriana Lopez, Christian Lee, Malachi Phelps, Spiggy Suarez, GG Irkalla / Lillita Lustre and Ezmyrelda Andrade.

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Road Heart Volcano #6

Cover image for Road Heart Volcano #6

Road Heart Volcano #6 is a free 20 page e-zine of a personal nature by author, artist and Up the Witchpunx creator gg Irkalla. It is a look into gg’s internal artistic world which often is unseen in Up the Witchpunx, as well as things gg has pulled out of her archive and pieces of zines from years back.

Gg reflects on rural punk movements, rural culture, and her unorthodox childhood in the essay “Heathen Hicks, Styxx and Bricks.” She gets into one of the themes that has defined her work with zines and activism so far, the emerging connection between witchcraft and punk rock subcultures.

The zine explores collaborative art made by gg and Dylan Ce on personal mythology, rural culture, and a concept the two writer/artists developed together, the texture web or “yin:web.” The textural or yin web is an effort to reclaim a DIY, unpolished internet that serves the purposes of discovery, magick and artistic creation rather than searchability, filter bubbles and NSA spying.

Road Heart Volcano is an essential for fans of punk, witchcraft, cultural critique and any of gg’s previous work.

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Formats included in download package: PDF

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