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Queer Poets Write About Nature

Queer Poets Write About Nature cover

Queer Poets Write About Nature is a beautiful chapbook of curated queer poets writing about their relationship with the natural world and how that impacts on them in a myriad of ways.

Queer Poets explores the queer experience of being drawn to nature but unable to live in rural areas due to loss of safety and community; the ritual sacredness of gender affirmation surgery; sensual tender queer love seen through the lens of plants, trees, and fruit; queerness and gender nonconformity as a natural force and more. All of these are lovingly published and paired with original artwork by queer artists.

Featuring poetry and art by Maria Elena Villablanca, Stacey Gruver, Jennifer Leider, Aida Manduley, Jess Lynch, Jeanne Devlin, Chris Coles, Khristopher Khrist, Emma Plover, Maximiliano Clipper, Nevadah-Jane Arlow, Dylan Ce and Chris Moody. Edited by Dylan Ce.

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Arcane Perfection: An Anthology by Queer, Trans & Intersex Witches

Arcane Perfection edited by Pat Mosley. Cover shows green succulent plants and typewriter-style text.

ARCANE PERFECTION is a collection of essays, poetry, art, rage, love, rituals, spells, and musings by, for, and about Queer, Trans, and Intersex Witches. The book began as a coven project to further curate the Witchery of our Queer, Trans, and Intersex members, and then the project was expanded to encompass Queer, Trans, or Intersex people from around the world.

Contributors answer questions like: How have you overcome discrimination? How have you encountered the Divine? What are your experiences with magic as a Queer person? How has Witchcraft empowered your life as a Queer person? Can you tell the story of your transition through the Tarot? What is your relationship to the world, to Pagan community, to Queer community? Do you have a rant that needs to be screamed into publication? How are you uprooting heterocisnormativity in the Pagan community and beyond? How have you dealt with loss, invisibility, violence, disability, racism, power, capitalism, jealousy, change, and love?

Arcane Perfection mixes personal stories with mythology, spiritual and political visions, and actual witchcraft, including rituals and spells such as the “Queer Sovereignty Spell for Pride, Power and Protection,” and the “Deadname Decoy Spell.” Articles like “Queer Bears & Berserkers,” “Candles for Queer Magic,” “The Transgender Body as Holy and Liminal Witchcraft,” and “A Trans Positive Ritual Space” are some of the explorations of queer- and trans-centric magickal practice.

We want Queer, Trans, and Intersex Witches to be able to pick up this book, find their experiences reflected within, and feel surrounded by the magic of others like them.

Also available for:
Kindle eReader from Amazon Kindle: Arcane Perfection Kindle Edition ($0.99)
Printed Paperback: Print edition ($12.74)

This PDF is free or pay what you want – just enter “0” in the price box to receive this book for free. 562 pages. Edited by Pat Mosley, Dylan Ce, Redbud Collective, and friends.

Price: Free

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Handsome Boy Pilot


Sixty-nine pages of outer space, sci-fi, glam, artwork, fiction, and poetry by 13 queer and/or trans contributors. The introduction traces queer outer-space preoccupations through the glam rock lineage as imagined by director Todd Haynes in his 1998 tribute to glam, Velvet Goldmine.

Tons of outer-space art by queers and trans people with cartoons, illustration, glitch art and collage, with excerpts from sci fi/experimental writing Future Benin by Curius Creature and yet-unreleased novel The Ugly Spirit by Gregory William. Handsome Boy Pilot is a collection of queer space art and writing based on glitch and cut-up methods, experimentation, queer futurism, glam rock, and celebratory camp that reclaim space travel from its imperialistic origin and places it in the queer realm.

Price: $2+

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