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Feb 20, 04:46 PM · Posted by dylan ce

Welcome to our website, the hub of our new queer- and trans-led sci-fi, experimental and occult alternative publishing project, Cutlines Press. Currently we offer just a few titles, but we’re creating more all the time (and searching the galaxy for submissions to add to our collection.)

Last year, we conducted a survey of over one hundred people who gave us feedback on many of our ideas related to our website, offerings, categories, pricing, and formats. This site reflects much of the feedback we received. We learned that you were interested in works from authors with certain experiences, and that offering digital downloads in certain formats was important to you; we learned that sliding scale downloads would provide the flexibility and low prices that you expected when purchasing digital media.

Because of this, we’ve implemented Gumroad, a pay-what-you-want digital media download service, which is integrated with our site. Gumroad will allow you to choose your own price ($1 USD and up) for downloads; we appreciate higher contributions, and delight in minimum ones as well, because both mean that we’re able to get our zines and books to the greatest number of people.

We’re still learning the ropes, and we’re excited for what’s coming next. Thanks for stopping by.

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