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Queer Poets Write About Nature

Queer Poets Write About Nature cover

Queer Poets Write About Nature is a beautiful chapbook of curated queer poets writing about their relationship with the natural world and how that impacts on them in a myriad of ways.

Queer Poets explores the queer experience of being drawn to nature but unable to live in rural areas due to loss of safety and community; the ritual sacredness of gender affirmation surgery; sensual tender queer love seen through the lens of plants, trees, and fruit; queerness and gender nonconformity as a natural force and more. All of these are lovingly published and paired with original artwork by queer artists.

Featuring poetry and art by Maria Elena Villablanca, Stacey Gruver, Jennifer Leider, Aida Manduley, Jess Lynch, Jeanne Devlin, Chris Coles, Khristopher Khrist, Emma Plover, Maximiliano Clipper, Nevadah-Jane Arlow, Dylan Ce and Chris Moody. Edited by Dylan Ce.

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