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Handsome Boy Pilot


Sixty-nine pages of outer space, sci-fi, glam, artwork, fiction, and poetry by 13 queer and/or trans contributors. The introduction traces queer outer-space preoccupations through the glam rock lineage as imagined by director Todd Haynes in his 1998 tribute to glam, Velvet Goldmine.

Tons of outer-space art by queers and trans people with cartoons, illustration, glitch art and collage, with excerpts from sci fi/experimental writing Future Benin by Curius Creature and yet-unreleased novel The Ugly Spirit by Gregory William. Handsome Boy Pilot is a collection of queer space art and writing based on glitch and cut-up methods, experimentation, queer futurism, glam rock, and celebratory camp that reclaim space travel from its imperialistic origin and places it in the queer realm.

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