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Up the Witchpunx #3: Pre-Apocalyptic Consciousness

Cover for Up the Witchpunx with purple background, safety pins, crossed crowbars and moon phases

This issue, titled “Pre-Apocalyptic Consciousness” engages boldly with controversial ideas about humanity’s future, and what that means in the context of witchcraft and punk rock. Also includes color front and back covers. This is a very big zine with a lot of love and fierceness in it.

Please note: Peter Gray’s essay, “Rewilding Witchcraft,” is not included in digital editions by author request. The essay is available in the print edition only. Currently the print edition can be purchased in the Up the Witchpunx store.


  • Tons of comics, titled weird things like “a christian larvae” and “the best thing about internet addiction is nothing”
  • A Curse on Darren Wilson
  • Spooky lovecraftian vignettes by the Dali Trauma
  • Ashes of Irkalla Pt. 2, a brief look at a stern androgynous topless radical fairie playing with ashes
    and a lot more.

Price: $1+

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