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How to Buy

Mar 17, 02:16 PM · Posted by dylan ce

Nick tabling at New Orleans Comics and Zine Festival

Cutlines Press sells two different types of items: downloadable and physical, or print, books and zines.

Downloadable Books and Zines

Downloadable zines are offered through Gumroad, which is embedded in our website. When you click “Download this book/zine!” a Gumroad window will pop up. You can choose what you want to pay, starting with the base price— usually the base price is $1, or $0 for short stories. If you have a coupon code, you can enter it after choosing your price.

You’ll then be taken to checkout where you can use credit, debit or PayPal. Currently, Gumroad allows for multiple purchases at the same time if the items are all displayed together on the page, such as in our topic or author pages. Otherwise, you will need to pay for each item separately. This is a Gumroad limitation that we hope will be changed in the future!

Head to All Downloadable Books & Zines to see all of our downloadable items at once! Then you can add them to an editable shopping cart that appears at the right hand side.

Need a simpler solution? Just go directly to our shop on the Gumroad website and use the shopping cart there.

Print Books and Zines

Print books and zines use a Paypal shopping cart. You can pay with Paypal, debit or credit, and the price of the items includes domestic shipping. International shipping costs will be added at checkout.

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