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As a new press that is focused mainly on building a base, learning the ropes, and finding niches for existing work that we have produced, we currently have no formal submissions process. Periodically, however, submissions may open for specific projects, or we may receive a manuscript that is particularly exciting to us. Once submissions are officially open, we will spread the word loud and clear.

We’ve been shying away from a hierarchical model in which we tell people what to do and what is acceptable. Instead, we are working on drawing people in and working together toward common aesthetic goals. And we’d rather have the freedom to look at each work individually rather than measuring up against some predetermined set of requirements. That may come later, if there’s a need, but for now I think it would be premature. Think of this more as a group that you join in order to get a platform for producing your own work, within a like-minded artistic community.In fact, our recent queer fiction and art anthology, Collapsed Cartographies, was produced by a group of artists, writers and musicians working together non-heirarchially through a private blog. We find such collaborative methods intriguing, as they allow our ideas to mature in concert with each other, resulting in a stronger and more cohesive work as well as invaluable artistic connections.

We come from backgrounds in reading science fiction (Ursula K. LeGuin, Frank Herbert, Samuel Delany), cut-up (William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Genesis P-Orridge), magical and spiritually resonant YA (A Wrinkle in Time, The Golden Compass) and horror (Lovecraft, Ligotti). In writing, we’re looking for adventurous styles, experimental forms, and the artfully managed infusion of truly radical, transformative ideas into quality writing. Overall, it’s talent and innovation that probably take the day.

We don’t have a clear line drawn around who is allowed to participate and who is not. We will accept work from people of any sexuality and gender but tend to look for work that is informed by queerness at a very deep level even if it doesn’t explicitly deal with it (“The literature that would exist in an all-queer world.”) Many of us are highly motivated artists and authors who produce work relentlessly– but also recognizing that many people struggle with that, we hope that the press itself provides some of the structure and community that’s conducive to finishing work. We are interested in building a true avant-garde artistic community that works in concert and draws inspiration from others.

Submissions may be made by emailing or by sending a submission to our Tumblr.

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